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Releasing the Stress...

Boosting a Better Mood...

Enjoying a Positive Outlook...

Cultivating a Holistic Wellness Mindset...


It's what we all look for and it's possible.

Let's discover how to support your whole-being: Mind, Body, and Spirit.

We take a holistic approach to stress management and holistic life coaching with a host of services, classes, and courses so that you can feeling more whole and sustained in your life.

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Akita Brooks, CSMC

Meet Akita Brooks

Life Mastery™ Consultant

As a Life Mastery™ Consultant, I support highly sensitive and empathic individuals who navigate occasional mental and emotional stress, practice tools to create a thriving life and achieve their life goals.


Unlike other coaches in this space who often focus solely on cognitive techniques like mindfulness, I work with an array of spiritual and complementary approaches so that each person is supported holistically. In this way, I help you discover a blend of tools that bring you fulfilment and lasting well-being.

My life coaching and teaching practices include Aromatherapy, TranscenDance™ Facilitation, Ho'oponopono-Inspired Meditations, Mindful Art, EFT/TFT Tapping, and other Mind-Body clearing methodologies.

Author of Full Glass Living: 28 Days to Dump Limiting Beliefs, which became Amazon's #1 New Release under Popular Psychology: Mental Illness.

Member of the Complementary Therapists Accredited Association, and Board Certified with the American Association of Drugless Practitioners as a Holistic Life Coach.

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Meet Akita

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Here's what we offer

Stress Management

Dig deep into how you respond to life's stressors and create an assessment of your goals.


Explore the many different types of meditations that can support you well-being and reduce stress, from mindful art to long tradition-held inspired meditations.


Let's follow the wisdom of centuries of civilizations have used the leaves, bark, stems, flower, seeds, and resins of plants to support wellness.

TranscenDance™ Sessions

As a Certified TranscenDance Facilitator I'll lead you through a series of gentle conscious dance. Think of it as "meditation in motion." No previous dance experience is required and the practice is designed for everyBODY! Movements can be done in a chair, mat or bed!


We offer 1:1 coaching and group coaching to support your goals.

Vision Workshops

I offer workshops, masterclasses, and courses that are designed to support your goals and get inspired to take action in every area of your life.


"In experiencing a Ho’oponopono session with Akita I was overcome with a feeling of calm and tranquility. Akita took me through a process of forgiving myself for the negative thoughts that overtake my mind and I felt such relief when it was complete. Not only were her words comforting but also her voice was so angelic when she chanted a prayer at the end of the session. Her words and voice combined with the soothing fragrance of essential oils she had diffusing during the session left me leaving the session feeling wonderfully calm and at peace. I'd highly recommend trying a session with her!"

— Katie T.

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